I want to say that 'A is cheaper than B'.

Genki, the book, would formally suggest:

A のほうがBよりやすいです. 

What would be a more colloquial way to say this?

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Just remove the 「です」 which is used basically to make the sentence politer here (丁寧語), and you will have a more familiar version of what you want to express.

You can also remove the 「Bより」 and just say something like :



You could also say "やすいのはAだ" or "やすいのはAです". Strictly this translates as "The cheap one is A". Nevertheless, if you have already been discussing the various merits of A and B, then this will give the impression of "the cheaper one is A".

You could even say "やすいのはA"


Colloquially, 〜のほうが is often shortened to 〜のが.

  • AのがBより安い
  • AよりBのが早い etc.

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