Does そうなる have a meaning besides "become so" when used in this sorta context?

Speaker A:あなた、それに興味ある?
Speaker B: うん...まあ、そうなるかな

It looks to me like it doesn't mean "become so", but something more like "I wonder if it's so". Is that wrong?

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That なる is difficult.

The original sentence, そうなるかな, is equivalent to (これは)そういうことになるかな。, (これは)そういう話になるかな。 or (これは)興味あることになるかな。.

なる has a meaning like evaluation. For example, 盗まれた紙幣は30億円になる。 does not mean "The stolen bills become 3 billion yen." but "The stolen bills are evaluated as 3 billion yen."

The direct translation should be like "This whole situation may indicate (or be evaluated as a story) that I am interested in it."

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    Just to throw in what it a non-direct translation would be (since there isn't one in the answer): "You could say so" or "I guess so."
    – Jimmy
    Commented Sep 8, 2015 at 18:52

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