I'm just wondering if I'm using the word でも correctly here.

わたし は たいてい おちゃ を のみます。 でも ときどき おさけ を のみます。

From what I've read you don't usually use でも in the middle of a sentence and I've seen a lot of comparisons with a word called けど, but right now I'm just really concerned with whether or not this example I made is the correct way to use でも.


Yes, you are using でも correctly in this sentence.

And this sentence would be much better if you say "おさけ" instead of "おさけを". (も ≒ also)

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    状況の読み間違いかもしれませんが、ここでは特に「も」にする必要はない(すると意味が変わる)ように思うのですが…。 – broccoli facemask - cloth Aug 30 '15 at 17:26
  • @broccoliforest Yeah, the original choice works when the writer wants to express it as if referring to alcohol is out of readers' anticipation. – user4092 Aug 31 '15 at 5:24

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