The sentence is from dragon ball, the speaker is driving his car, chasing some other guys. He just said "これじゃとてもおいつかん!"


I didn't find info on 銀星 in the dictionary. My guess is the sentence means something like :

They probably had a newer model of "type 4 stars capsule" (than mine)!

I'm also confused about the の after やつら, I would expect a (に)は instead...

Edit : Ok, on second thought, I think I misunderstood the particle より for the adverb より.

I now think the sentence means something like :

I was sure I had a "type 4 stars" capsule newer than theirs.


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I think this would satisfy you. After having googled, since I don't have any idea either, the word 銀星4型 is very likely to be borrowing the name of a vehicle which a character called Yamcha is riding at in an anime Dragonball.

Here is a dictionary of the terms of Dragonball....





Type Ginsei 4 ( I don't know how in the English version the word is translated, so this is my translation. )


A new type Capsule ( in English ) portable vehicle which Yamcha has.

I think the image would be like this ( though the type of the vehicle number ( name ) is different. So from the dictionary of the Dragonball terms above, once you "throw" the portable capsule into the air, the vehicle ( 銀星4型 ) shows up.

Wish you have good fun.

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