Ura-zuki is more linear. Age Ura-zuki is rising but still linear. What about Sukui ura-zuki? Any martial artists know this one? I am hoping for an official karate term, but I will settle for a gramatically correct term that describes a scooping punch (western boxing uppercut). Thank you in advance!!

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  • Since the OP already knows what the term is in English and is looking for an equivalent in Japanese, I think it belongs here. On top of that, you don't have to know martial arts to answer the question, as the answers show (but you'd probably have to know Japanese).
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I don't do karate or any other martial arts, but the basic term for this is katakana アッパーカット, which should be understood by almost everyone who is fluent in Japanese.

裏拳 (ura-ken) is more a like backhand blow, or a blow using the back of one's hand. This is well-known, too.

裏突き (ura-zuki) is a straight punch with the palm facing upward. I think it's a karate-specific term.

According to this list of karate 突き, it appears 鉤【かぎ】突【づ】き (kagi-zuki, 鉤 means 'hook') clearly says it's a 弧を描くような (=curved, arc-like) punch, but it's a punch blown horizontally. It looks like a karate jargon rather than a generic term, but I don't know the awareness of this term even among karate fans.

I haven't heard age ura-zuki (上げ裏突き?) or sukui ura-zuki (すくい裏突き?) and they're not listed in the linked list, either (these names look reasonable at least to me, though).

  • 裏突き is not a backhand, but a straight punch, like a 正拳突き, but with the hand "reversed" (i.e. with the palm facing upward). 鉤突き is a hook, as it comes from the side.
    – Jimmy
    Aug 18, 2015 at 23:44
  • Right, 鉤突き is not a uppercut, edited my answer.
    – naruto
    Aug 18, 2015 at 23:45

I think the term you're looking for is [上げ突き]{あげつき}. Though similar, it's not exactly the same move.

アッパーカット or アッパー are recognizable to any Japanese familiar with martial arts, too, as naruto has mentioned.

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