What dialects change ます into やす, as in these examples:

  • 「何が出やしたか…?見ておくんなせェ」
  • 「そう決めやしたね…?」
  • 「ならあちらさんの勝ちだ…今夜は逮捕しやせん

It appears to be Edo dialect. Is that correct?

  • It'd be good if someone could confirm this, but it appears to be Edo dialect.
    – razorramon
    Aug 5 '15 at 21:54

Yes, one can call it Edo dialect and all of your examples look Edo/Tokyo as well. Today, 「やす」 is no longer used by many in real life around Tokyo. It is more "known" as the honorific sentence-ender in the underworld in fiction.

I would need to point out, though, that the auxiliary verb 「やす」 was originally a Kansai phenomenon. It is still used in Kyoto in polite imperatives.

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