Is there any significant difference in meaning between 便利な安い物 and 便利で安い物?

  • 便利な安い物: handy cheap thing
  • 便利で安い物: handy, cheap thing

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There is certainly a difference between the two, but whether it could be called "significant" or not would be up to each individual.


「便利」 is in the 連体形{れんたいけい}(attributive form); therefore, the native ears would instinctively expect a noun to follow.

「安い物」, even though it is technically in the "adjective + noun" form, would feel more like one word (noun) here. Since there happens to exist the word (noun) 「安物{やすもの} = "cheap item"」, that is what 「安い物」 almost sounds and feels like in the phrase 「便利安い物」.


「便利」 is in the 連用形{れんようけい}(continuative form); therefore, the native ears would naturally expect a verb or another adjective to follow.

What follows? The adjective 「安い」 does, making the phrase flow stress-free. Two adjectives modifying a noun; No problem.

So, "one adjective vs. two adjectives" is the difference in the practical sense, if not in a technical sense.

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