Which of the above?

  • 鮭 手巻き
  • 手巻き 鮭
  • 鮭 手巻き寿司

Or how could I say it?

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I would recommend 「サーモン手巻{てま}き」 or 「鮭{さけ}手巻き」. The 「の」 can be dropped but it would sound a little nicer if you insert it.

If you want a phrase for ordering, 「サーモン手巻き!」 would also be natural. Yes, you can end that with a 「で」.

(「で」 is an extremely useful particle at eateries, but I will not get into that here.)

Depending on the sushi shop, the staff might use 「手巻きサーモン」 instead, but everyone will understand the first three I listed.

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    Technically, there's an unspoken understanding in most sushi restaurants (at least those for common people) that サーモン means "salmon trout", which is a cheaper substitute of real "salmon". If you'd really like to have "salmon", you should order 鮭(さけ、しゃけ). Aug 5, 2015 at 4:56

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