It is said by a guy who is bullying another one by twisting his hand. Is it related to Kansai dialect?

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It has nothing to do with a dialect.

「よっとな」 is just one of the many versions of the shouts (chants?) people use as they make a physical movement of some sort such as lifting up an object, pushing or pulling an object, handing or tossing an object to another person, etc.

Similar versions include:

あらよっと、そらよっと、こらよっと、はいよっと、よっこらせ, etc.

All of these mean "Here we go!", "Like this!", "One, two, go!", etc.


よっと is a grunt or shout of effort. The addition of な is a variant of the same line. I would translate it as "Huh!" "Like this!" depending on the situation. As far as whether or not it's a Kansai dialect thing, I don't believe so, but I'm no expert in that area so don't quote me there.

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