I'm trying to figure out the epithet here, the English version has "Finance-controlled Golem", which is a sensible epithet in context, but I'm quite sure that it's not a proper translation... I know that "古代兵器" is Ancient Weapon... So how would I translate "暴走する"?:

Wiktionary has Drive Recklessly, but I don't think "Recklessly Operated Ancient Weapon" is an correct epithet for Arma, given that she's actually being remotely controlled into being an effective, violent attacker...

enter image description here

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Yes, I think "out of control" is a valid translation. My dictionary also has "runaway", like "runaway train" (暴走電車), and "running wild". Since the object in question is an ancient weapon, I think you could safely infer "rampage" as well.

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