I'm a bit confused with 「V酵素は、・・・高純度のものを持っています」 part in the following passage. Since the subject is V酵素, shouldn't it be 「酵素は、年を経て強力になったヴァンパイアほど高純度のものになる。」, or maybe I'm mistaken something?

Fast translation: The more vampire become stronger with the flow of time, the more clearer V-ferment becomes.


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    は is a topic marker, not a subject marker. – Chocolate Jul 25 '15 at 21:58

Excellent question!




「V酵素」 is the topic, but not the subject of this sentence. ← You thought it was the subject, right?


This sentence is actually close to being correct, using 「V酵素」 as the subject. You must change the middle part to make it correct.

Use 「ヴァンパイアが年を経て強力になるほど」 and it would be a perfect sentence. It just will be a grammatically different sentence from the original but a 100% correct sentence on its own.

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