Someone I know PM'd me this and I honestly don't know what it means.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is roughly:

Konna baka na watashi o doushite ai shite kureru no?

And for the individual words I've got

  • Konna - this is
  • Baka - stupid
  • Watashi o - I
  • Ai - Love

But from that, I don't know how it transforms into an actual sentence or at least its meaning. Thanks a bunch.

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    How did you come up with your translations for the four words/phrases you list, out of curiosity?
    – user1478
    Jul 27, 2015 at 7:40

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Q. Can someone translate and explain this to me?

A. First I'll break it down and then give what may be an explanation for the sentence.

  • こんな - this kind of
  • ばかな - idiot, stupid
    • こんなばかな - this kind of stupid
  • 私 - me
    • こんなばかな私 - this kind of stupid person (literally "me")
  • を - particle that marks the object of the sentence
  • どうして - why
  • 愛して - gerund form of 愛する (to love)
  • くれる - to give; to let one have; to do for one; to be given
    • 愛してくれる - (give) love (to) me, i.e., love me
  • の - particle の used at the end of a sentence when one is seeking for an explanation for something

Thus, the sentence holds the following meaning:

Why do you love this kind of stupid person?
(referring to themself)
or more loosely translated: How can you love a person as stupid as me?

The author of the sentence may be seeking confirmation of the recipient's love, but that's just a conjecture. The author could be seeking a range of different reactions with this. Only the author (and possibly the recipient, and those familiar with the situation) would know this based on the context and their relationship.

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