What does ば do in this sentence? I am familiar with it as a conditional but it doesn't seem right here.


I interpreted the first sentence as

If there were hobbits that were preparing stalls, then they would talk to adventurers, like me, join their party, and then discuss something together. After that they would head probably head towards the dungeon.

But then this sentence followed after, so I don't think I interpreted the first sentence correctly.



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    What is 「どーワフ」? 「ドワーフ」?
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In this sentence, 「ば」 is used to express juxtaposition.

Usually, one would expect it to be in the form of 「Aも~~ば、Bも~~だ/です/である」, but you are obviously not reading a very serious piece of writing and the author did not use the second 「も」.

"there were a group of hobbits doing ~~ and a group of dwarfs doing ~~"


Here, 「ば」 expresses "conditional".

"If/when seen from the outside"

Examples taken from プログレッシブ和英中辞典's entry for 「ば」, section 2:

「彼{かれ}はゴルフもやれテニスもやる。」 "He plays not only golf but also tennis."

「彼には妻{つま}もあれ子{こ}もある。」 "He has a wife, and a child as well."

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