I have came across the word in the following situation.

A: What is coming to your mind when I say the word 「両{りょう}親{しん}」?

B: おれは植木等のファンでね とくにあの無{む}責{せき}任{にん}とかいう[歌]{うた}が大好きなんだ 両親イコールってのは...な いい答{こた}えじゃないか

Another question: Does the word 「は...な」 mean 'flower'?


「~~とかいう歌{うた}」 means "the/that song called something like '~~'"

「は..な」 does not mean "flower". Not at all, I am afraid.

Those are two particles so it is pronounced 「わな」. 「は」 is the subject marker, naturally, and 「な」 is an interjectory particle used for assertion and/or persuasion. 

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