Say I have the sentence below about papers I requested previously. (as I am reminding somebody that I haven't received something)


Is there any way to make a sentence like this more polite (humbling)? Do the below sentences make sense or is there a better way?



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I would say "先日、お願いした書類ですが".

"お頼みした" sounds funny (to me.)

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    I totally agree, nevertheless I happen to know one real-life sample who actually use お頼みする... Jul 17, 2015 at 17:52

I've noticed that natives are generally oblique in the beginning. Then, they slowly become more specific. Hopefully, this is all you'd need to say.


That obscures the impolite fact of how long you've been waiting. And, (in my experience as a non-native speaker), initially saying exactly what you requested feels abrupt and analogous to physically "pointing". As much as possible, just let them figure out the situation for themselves.

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