In Japanese would 「筆店の受付」 be how to translate "a brush-shop clerk" (an employee in an administrative position at a small store that sells all kinds of brushes [probably hair brushes and paint brushes, not only calligraphy supplies])? Is 「受付」 a normal translation for a clerk?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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"受{うけ}付{つけ}" usually means "receptionist."

And we usually say "店{てん}員{いん}" for general (= not necessarily administrative) "shop clerk."

While "筆店" makes sense to mean "brush shop" as in -> arimahude.com, many Japanese brush shops seem to prefer calling themselves "筆{ふで}専{せん}門{もん}店{てん}" as in -> fudeya-shop.comor , or more fancy(?) "筆 セレクトショップ" and the like, as in -> kumanofude-selectshop.com .

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