I know that if I want to say "You're cold!" I can just say "つめたい!"

But is there a way of saying "Please don't be cold to me"?

The whole context is truly too long to put into this question but basically I would like to know how to ask

Did you tell XY to not be cold to me?

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I guess the appropriate expression for "please don't be cold to me" may depend on the situation.

One possibility is "お手{て}柔{やわ}らかに" which means "please do not be harsh on me."

Or you can say "冷{つめ}たくしないでよ" if you prefer more straight (= non euphemistic) expression.

And for "did you tell XY to not be cold to me?" I would say "私{わたし}に冷{つめ}たくしないように、XYに言{い}ってくれた?"

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