This is a paragraph taken from a novel. It describes an outlawish group of people who decided to run away from civilized society.

Simplified part with bolded clause that I'm having trouble with:


What does the bolded part mean, exactly? Is it "adapting (順応する) to what majority does (大多数がそうする, with そう implying 我を殺す?), commit suicide (我を殺す)?" In other words, committing suicide like majority would do? Could 我を殺す also imply simply "repressing oneself (one's antisocial urges)"?

Full paragraph:


Thank you for your help.


そうする refers to 順応して我を殺す (= 社会/環境に順応して、自分/自我を押し殺す)

[我]{が}を殺す is like "repress oneself/ego", not "commit suicide".

So I think it would be like:

(They) are not willing to [adapt themselves to the circumstances (or, adjust to the society) and repress their ego (as the majority do)], ...


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