In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, Stardust Crusaders arc, episode 3, a person (花京院{かきょういん}) who JoJo (the protagonist) just saved, asks JoJo why he did that, to which JoJo replies 


Later on, JoJo asks 花京院 why he decided to join him, to which 花京院 also replies

そこんところだが。なぜ同行したくなったのかは 私にもよく分からないんだがね。

What does it mean? "This and that" (no particular reason)?


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Both 「そことこ」 and 「そこところ」 are colloquial pronunciations of:


This is a very common expression which means "the point (that has just been) raised".

You would need to memorize 「そこんとこ」, etc. to be able to use them naturally because you simply will not arrive at them by directly translating any English phrases.

These phrases are often followed immediately by 「だが」、「ですが」, 「なんだけど」, etc. making the whole phrase mean "Regarding the point raised(, though,)".

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    Another common related idiom; そこんとこよろしく! It's added at the end of requests, with the implication being please don't brush over it / ignore it.
    – Jun Sato
    Commented May 8, 2021 at 4:06

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