Most people use いろいろ質問する. But if I analyze it, いろいろ is な形容詞.

So I think it should be いろいろな質問する. What do you think?

  • いろいろ can be used as a standalone adverb. (e.g. 色々話す, 色々ある, ...)
  • 質問する without を is a verb, and it cannot be directly modified by the dictionary form of an adjective. (See this similar question on 勉強する/勉強をする)

Thus, these three phrases are all natural:

  • いろいろな質問をする
  • いろいろ質問をする
  • いろいろ質問する

But this phrase is non-standard:

  • いろいろな質問する
  • What is the English translation for いろいろ質問する? Is it "to question variously" ? May 31 '15 at 12:14
  • 3
    All of these usually mean "ask various questions," but do not mean "ask a question in various ways."
    – naruto
    May 31 '15 at 12:21

いろいろ can also be considered an adverb.

If you are describing the types of questions, いろいろな質問 would be correct. But in the case of いろいろ質問する, you are talking about the action of asking different things, and thus doesn't require な.

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