Here is the sentence including the word.


それは この広{ひろ}い川{かわ}っぷちの両{りょう}岸{がん}一[帯]{たい}の おとなも子{こ}どももあそべるでっかい遊{ゆう}園{えん}地{ち}を作{つく}ること!

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The "dictionary" word is 「[縁]{ふち}」, meaning "side", "edge", "brink", etc. 「っぷち」 is its colloquial pronunciation.

「川っぷち」 = "a river bank"

The most common word containing 「っぷち」 would be 「[崖]{がけ}っぷち」, which means "edge of a cliff" literally and "critical point" figuratively.

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