What does 許しを乞い mean? And especially what's the role of 乞い here? The full phrase is: まさか、また許しを乞いに参ったのではありますまいな!?

  • The problem is in meaning of koi - in dictionary that means 'fish', but it may also have another meaning. – botichelli May 20 '15 at 0:48
  • 3
    That is 鯉. This is a conjugation of 乞う (also 請う). – virmaior May 20 '15 at 0:56

「[乞]{こ}い」 is the [連用形]{れんようけい} (continuative form) of the verb 「乞う」. It has absolutely nothing to do with "carp" the fish. 「乞い」 is a verb and it needs to be in that conjugation form in order to connect with the following word (another verb) 「[参]{まい}った」.

「[許]{ゆる}しを乞う」 is a set phrase meaning "to beg forgiveness".

The 「に」 here means "in order to".

"Surely, you didn't come here to beg forgiveness again, did you?"

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