Look at this conversation from Twitter. Do you know what dialect it is?

shohei110h: やっとdead stock手に入りました(´ω`)田舎にはなかなか無くて東京で購入しやしま
mao_sid: おれもど田舎だったから気持ちわかるなぁ。ありがとう。

The part I don't understand is しやしま at the end of the first sentence. What does that mean?

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    what makes you think it's a dialect and not a typo? – Axioplase Aug 4 '11 at 9:09
  • @Axioplase I can't think of what it would be a typo of... – rintaun Aug 4 '11 at 11:19

My guess is that it's a typo of either しやした or しました.

At first glance, た looks pretty hard to mistype as ま, but on second thought, it's likely to happen on mobile phones. Considering that most Japanese mobile phones have keypads like:

it's quite easy to mistype た, ま and や, which are arranged next to each other.

しやした can be a loosely pronounced slang for しました, or the author may be writing in the Edo dialect, either genuinely or for a comical effect (しやした is often heard in Jidaigeki/samurai dramas).

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