Which translation of "Mongolia" is most suitable for everyday conversation?

The Japanese edition of Wikipedia's entry on Mongolia has the article title of モンゴル国, Wiktionary translates it as "モンゴル" and "蒙古", and weblio has amongst others "モンゴリア", which is also what someone suggested I use.


For everyday use, it is definitely 「モンゴル」. I would be lying if I answered otherwise.

「モンゴル[国]{こく}」 sounds too formal for everyday use.

「モンゴリア」 is very rare despite what you have been told by that someone.

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    and 蒙古 is usually found in compound words ("蒙古斑", etc) and perhaps in historical contexts.
    – Yosh
    May 5 '15 at 14:41

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