How do you say this in Japanese:

"Takeshi and I are similar in that we both have 'May sickness.'"

Here's my best guess: 私は、たけしが「五月病」というものがあるという点で似ています。


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「 [私]{わたし}は、たけし『[五月病]{ごがつびょう}』というものがあるという[点]{てん}で[似]{に}ています。」

This is certainly a good try, but it is missing something. As usual, it is the particle choice. If you used 「私は~~~~似ている」, native speakers would expect to see/hear the particle 「に」, and not 「が」.

「(Person or Thing) + (or と) + 似ている」

= "to be similar to ~~"

Thus, by using as much as you used, the correct sentence would be:


To avoid sounding wordy for using 「という」 twice, I would recommend the following.


Other correct sentences include:


「『五月病』があるという点で、私たけし(or )似ています。」


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