I have found it in a manga. It is a dialogue discussing to the third person going into a Pachinko shop.

Here is the full sentence.

ばかこくでねえ へえるはずさ あとで パチンコ屋【や】の店【てん】員【いん】がしらべたらよ。

What do the words ばかこくでねえ and へえるはずさ mean?

  • Is [店]{てん} a person's name? – user5185 Apr 24 '15 at 9:26
  • Sorry, it's my typo. The correct one is 店員. – George Apr 25 '15 at 5:05

ばかこくでねえ is a dialectal way of saying ばかこくんじゃない, ばかをいうな 'Don't be silly.' ばか(を)こく means [馬鹿]{ばか}(なこと)を言う, 'say a stupid thing' 'be stupid'.

へえる is a dialectal or collapsed way of saying [入]{はい}る. へえるはずさ, 入るはずさ literally means 'should go in', so probably 'He should go in' 'I'm sure he will go into the Pachiko shop'.

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