While reading I came across a strange usage which none of my dictionaries could decipher.


While googling I found the sentence 手を前方に進め上体を倒しながら仲ばします accompanied by a picture of someone doing stretching exercises.

From what I know ば is a particle used for conditions but I don't know how 仲 comes into the picture.


「腰をばし」 makes no sense I am afraid. Are you sure it was not


「[腰]{こし}を[伸]{の}ばす」 means "to straighten oneself".

The sentence you found on google is incorrect as well. It should be 「伸ばします」 at the end.

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  • Oh wow I feel bloody stupid now. Just goes to show that I need to brush up more on my reading skills a hundredfold. – Bobo Sade Apr 11 '15 at 15:19

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