Whilst reading Japanese manga, to assist me in learning, I frequently come across a few actions that I am completely unfamiliar with. (Section is circled in red):

depicts scenario

It even appears in fan art (this time differently):

depicts scenario again, slightly differently

Now I know that normally onomatopoeia like "SLASH" and "BANG" are depicted here, so maybe this is similar? Can someone tell me what this is?

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バン!/ ババン!/バーン! is like "Ta-da! / Ta-dah!"

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    It should be noted that it's not something that a speaker would say, like we would do with "Ta-dah!" To me, this SE is closer to "Bam!" The author of this comic like to use バーン, ドーン and variants (like ババーン) when showing close=ups or entrances of characters, to get dramatic effect.
    – Jimmy
    Apr 9, 2015 at 1:27

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