How do I say the above sentence in Japanese? I would suppose it's

それは私の意向はなくなかったら。 (sore wa watashi no ikou wa nakunakatta.)

But I'm not sure about the 'nakunakatta'. It might be a double-negation?

Or might there even be a completely different sentence for this purpose?

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How we say it totally depends on the situation, the speaker, etc.

More common phrases would include:


「そんなつもりではなかったのです(or なかったんです)。」

「(それは)私の[本意]{ほんい}ではありません(or ありませんでした)。」


The first two without using a Sino loanword would be the most versatile. In formal or serious situations, however, the ones using a Sino loanword would sound better.

「本意」= one's real intention

「意図」= an intention

  • Thanks a lot for the examples! One of those many Japanese sentences that require completely different thinking! Apr 7, 2015 at 8:16

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