I see this form often in manga book indexes. My dictonary gives me ダイ and テイ as possible readings for the first kanji, and I'm also not sure if the number should be read as a counter (like 一つ is read ひとつ and not いちつ). How should I read those?

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    てい is a very rare reading of the character 第 (I wasn't even aware of it before now). The only word I was able to find that uses it was 第宅【ていたく】, and 第 isn't even the kanji most commonly used in that word. – senshin Apr 5 '15 at 19:30

The ordinal prefix 第 is read だい. This is sense two in 大辞泉:


The counter 話 is read わ, and it attaches to Sino-Japanese numerals such as いち.

Put it all together and you get だいいちわ.

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    いち vs. いっ. 第1話 is read だいいちわ, but 第1巻(Volume 1) is read だいいっかん.. – l'électeur Apr 5 '15 at 14:48

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