What is exact meaning of きっと良い? The ~良い part is easy to understand, it means "good". But きっと~ part is not very clear to me. Also, could this phrase be used in official language?


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This is what the Wisdom Japanese-English Dictionary says:

きっと 〖確かに〗surely, certainly; 【きっと…する】be sure [certain] to 〘do〙; 〖間違いなく〗without fail(必ず⇨①)〖…に違いない〗must 〘do〙 (!do は通例状態を表す動詞) ; 〖十中八九〗probably(⇨多分).

In official language usually more elaborate phrases are used, but I am not completely sure about the usage of this one in any more or less official papers.

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