I want to say that "as A becomes closer friends with C, B gets jealous and A and B drift apart". What I have so far is A-さんは C-さんと仲良くすればするほど、B-さんがうらやましくなって、A-さんと_____てしまう。

  • BTW Bさんがうらやましい may in most cases mean someone (perhaps A in this sentence) being jealous of B. So, to indicate B's jealousy explicitly, you had better use a verb, うらやむ or [嫉妬]{しっと}する. I think Bさんが嫉妬して fits best here. – isayamag Mar 18 '15 at 0:04


would fit this context.

If the separation is more passive, rather than intentional/active, then


These are expressions for drifting apart. "Losing/ending a friendship" has much different expressions.

「縁{えん}を切{き}る」 「関係{かんけい}を損{そこ}なう・失{うし}う」 「~はもうおしまい」

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  • To fill in your blank, 「距離を置くようになってしまった。」 – user224579 Mar 17 '15 at 23:42

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