found it at the kanji workbook of shin nihongo no kiso. would it be something like "among the japanese cuisine, kyoto's cuisine is specially tasty"? I know that で is used to say "among" but the only example I know is using SでいちばんAdj

  • Is this sentence correct? If I were to guess, it seems like it should be 京都の料理は日本料理でたいへん美味しい. Then it would have the meaning you wrote. – istrasci Feb 15 '15 at 23:54


The content of the sentence is somewhat questionable, but it is a grammatical sentence and it can be analyzed as such.

The 「で」 here is an auxiliary verb, not a particle. 「で」 is the [連用形]{れんようけい} (the conjunctive / continuative form) of the affirmation auxiliary verb 「だ」.  This 「で」 can be replaced by 「であり」.

The author could have used a comma and wrote:


It is saying two separate things, which is why you need a 連用形 to connect them.

1) Japanese cuisine is (or "means") Kyoto cuisine.


2) It is delicious.

Related: Translation of particle で in 「オーストラリアは今夏でとてもあついです」

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