I'm trying to write a phrase that says "Fortunately I passed (the exam)" and I would like to use 幸い in it, but I'm not sure how I would go about writing it, mainly because I'm not quite sure which particle to use together with 幸い. In my vision there are 2 options:




I'm more inclined to say that the first option is the right one, but both could be wrong or the second option could be the right one. I would appreciate some insight.

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「[幸]{さいわ}い」 is the correct form and another possibility is 「幸いにも」.

「幸い」 is incorrect.

You will see/hear 「幸いです」、「幸いである」、「幸いでした」, etc., but the 「で」 is not a particle in any of those phrases.

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