Does it refer to two different types of markets? Thank you.


"いちば" is a real place, e.g.

  • [魚市場]{うおいちば} (fish market)
  • [青果市場]{せいかいちば} (fruit and vegetable market)
  • etc.

"しじょう" is the abstraction, e.g.

  • [国内市場]{こくないしじょう} (domestic market)
  • [労働市場]{ろうどうしじょう} (labor market)
  • [金融市場]{きんゆうしじょう} (financial market)
  • etc.


  • [中央卸売市場]{ちゅうおうおろしうりしじょう} (central wholesale market)
  • others (in the field of finance often "しじょう")
  • 1
    Isn't 「中央卸売市場」 「ちゅうおうおろしうりしじょう」?
    – Yosh
    Feb 10 '15 at 10:39

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