Do 「勉強を続ける」 and 「勉強をやり続ける」 have the same basic meaning: "to continue with one's studies"?

Is 「やり続ける」 a slightly rougher, less formal, way of saying「続ける」? But, the difference in nuance is minimal at best?


i got a hold of 2 native speakers. they pretty much agree with what i wrote. however, i learned you can also say "し続ける", and that "ず" and "づ are pronounced the same (can't image how romaji deals with "づ" and "ず).

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    づ and ず are both romanized as zu most of the time (because romanization is usually intended to reflect pronunciation, not kana), but in some schemes づ is du, and a few people still write dzu.
    – user1478
    Jan 24 '15 at 3:29

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