Negotiation of Contingent Talk: The Japanese Interactional Particles Ne and Sa, page 44

For example the above link says that there are various different intonations e.g. rising, rise-fall,fall-rise etc that all correspond to different functions, but I can't seem to find any audio samples that clearly show what these sound like.

Can anyone explain what I should be hearing and where, or provide some audio samples for the different categories?


I don't think many Japanese learning resources cover it, for the intonation studies are still in its earliest stage, as far as I know. I'm not an expert in Japanese intonation either, but it's fairly easy to show the difference in my own voice.


It says in the following order:

いいね (rising) "Sounds good."

いいね (fall-rise) "You hear me?"

いいね (rise-fall) "Fantastic!"

The Japanese translation of "Like!" in Facebook is いいね!, which I think is pronounced like the first one if you do.

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