Is either 霊験【れいげん】 or あらたか used outside of the phrase 霊験【れいげん】あらたか "miraculous"? (I believe れいけん is also a possible reading of 霊験?)

The goo辞書 entry for あらたか has 「霊験―な神」 as its example phrase, and the entry for 霊験 has 「―あらたか」. I'm also not seeing much else for either word alone on Google besides companies named あらたか and proper-noun looking things like books named 霊験記.

(I know this isn't a terribly interesting question; it's just that I have 霊験あらたか on a flashcard for some reason and I'm wondering whether I should learn it as two separate words or as one indecomposable phrase.)


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Daring to answer this without looking at anything...

Basically I recognize this 霊験あらたか as a set phrase. I can hardly expect あらたか used, except directly after 霊験. I feel I hear れいけん more often than れいげん, but I believe both readings are okay.

霊験 is uncommon, and I'm not very sure about how to use 霊験 combined with other words. If I saw something like "霊験を感じる", "富士山の霊験", or "霊験溢れる森", I would feel that's not so unnatural. but I can't say this is "correct" or not unless I google.


「霊験のある」and「効験あらたか」came up to my mind.

However, I think these expressions are not so common.

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