I come across the following sentence:

先月 何日 会社を やすみましたか。

I am confused about that this is actually asking. Is it asking:

  1. How many days of holidays did the company have last month?
  2. Which date did the company have holiday last month?

Please help.

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    If you want to ask "Which date ~ ?", you have to say 「何日<b>に</b>」 "on which date". – broken laptop Dec 20 '14 at 9:43

会社をやすむ means "to take (a day) off work"; if the company was having a holiday it would be 会社はやすみです. So this clearly means "How many days did you take off work last month?"

I am a BrE native speaker, so the American may well be different, if that's relevant. Oh, and I make mistakes sometimes.

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