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There are many verbs which are pronounced つく, and I was simply wondering: Do their intonation patterns differ?

If so, what are the intonation patterns of the most common forms of つく in Tokyo dialect?

Common: 付く、着く、吐く、突く

  • I pronounce all of them as High-Low, but this may be either the Nagoya dialect or the Tokyo dialect. Someone should be able to answer more clearly and definitely. – Tsuyoshi Ito Jul 20 '11 at 12:29

The NHK pronunciation dictionary prescribes that:

  1. 付く, 着く, (羽根を)撞く, (職に)就く, (嘘を)吐く, (位に)即く, (明かりが)点く, and (餅を)搗く all have the accent on the first or second mora (with first preferred: HL)
  2. 突く has no accent (so in isolation it is LH, but note that this is not the same as accent-on-the-second-mora LH when other words follow)

Hope this helps!

  • Is this book the one you're referencing? – rintaun Jul 21 '11 at 1:06
  • Sort of. Yes, it's the NHK 編 日本語発音アクセント辞典, but I have an edition published in 1985 with a blue-and-gray cover that claims to be a 改訂新版. – Matt Jul 21 '11 at 1:42

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