At the bottom of this picture it says あーんしちゃろうか?


「あーんしちゃろうか」 = あーん して やろう か 
 Shall I give you a mouthful?

At first I also thought it might be 「してしまう」 but only something very unhealthy (i.e. a guilty pleasure) would justify this. The 高菜チャーハン (たかなちゃあはん) seemed pretty healthy to me.

On further examination (and checking with a native speaker) we concluded it's して + やろうか

The ちゃ sound results from mixing the て+や very quickly into しちゃ.

Here's an example from the wild: 「。。。おか〜ちゃんがダッコしちゃろうか(ダッコしてやろうか)」

Ref: http://koryu04.exblog.jp/7853917/ + bonus material, this page has pictures of puppies!

  • This makes a lot of sense, given that して+しまう+volitional would be してしまおう→しちゃおう not しちゃろう. – rintaun Jul 18 '11 at 8:37

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