I found somewhere on the internet that the romanization of 八丁堀{はっちょうぼり} is written as "Hatchōbori".

  1. Given that scheme, how could you write "しゅっぱつ"?
  2. Given that scheme, how could you write "しゅぱつ"?
  3. What is the name of that romanization scheme?

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This is an example of Hepburn romanization, which attempts to represent Japanese according to how it is pronounced. With geminated っち, it's standard to use tch instead of a double c, so instead of "maccha" you would write "matcha" for 抹茶. Similarly, long vowels use a macron (bar) instead of doubling, so "Hatchōbori" instead of "Hatchoobori."

出発{しゅっぱつ} is "shuppatsu." しゅぱつ (not a word) would be "shupatsu."

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