Given a list of things...

  1. dog
  2. cat
  3. fish

How would you say...

  1. the second item in the list: 2目番?

  2. all three of them: 全部三つ?

  3. two of them (not regarding the position in the list): 2匹 or 2目?

Is this pattern correct?


You are almost there. ~全部{ぜんぶ}3つ~ sounds definitely off, but 3つ全部{ぜんぶ} is fine.

The first, the second, the third...

  • 一番目{いちばんめ}、二番目{にばんめ}、三番目{さんばんめ} Slightly more formal tone.
  • 1つ目{め}、2つ目{め}、3つ目{め} Slightly more casual tone, perhaps used more often between people of equal / similar status.

All 3 of them, all of them

  • 3つとも
  • これらすべて
  • 3つすべて
  • 全部

If there were 2 items

  • 2つとも
  • 両方{りょうほう}

Note: In this case you wouldn't say すべて or 全部

Two of them

  • これらのうち2つ
  • このうち(の)2つ

How do you say 1つ、2つ、3つ...?

  • 1つ → ひとつ
  • 2つ → ふたつ
  • 3つ → み
  • 4つ → よ
  • 5つ → いつつ
  • 6つ → む
  • 7つ → ななつ
  • 8つ → や
  • 9つ → ここのつ
  • 10 → じゅ

What about 10【とお】?

The old pronunciation とお is to all intents and purposes never used in spoken conversation. For numbers after 10 you would resort to じゅっこ、じゅういっこ、じゅうにこ...

  • じゅっこすべて
  • じゅっことも
  • このうち(の)じゅっこ

"the second item in the list" -> 2番目
"all three of them" -> 3つ全部 or 3つとも
"two of them" -> これらのうち2つ or これらのうち2匹


2番目 is OK.

two of them (not regarding the position in the list) 2匹 or 2目...

両方{りょうほう} is definitely the best.

all three of them 全部三つ

全部{ぜんぶ} is probably used the more

  • 2つとも and 3つとも would be a second best.

  • すべて usually comes after the word like in これ(ら)すべて, 3,4,5つすべて。


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