I came across the following sentence:

すぐに なおさせますので もうしわけありませんが,もうしばらくおまちください

Please help understand the ~させます form here.
What would be the translation of this?

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An expression like "~させます" or "~させしめる (this expression is a little archaic)" are called "使役表現【しえきひょうげん】" in Japanese.

Usually, "使役表現" is translated into "Subject make/have/get Object Verb~"

For example. Translation "すぐに なおさせますので もうしわけありませんが,もうしばらくおまちください" into Japanese like this.

I apologize for being late and having you waiting. I'm making the person in charge fixing

  • Thanks for clarifying.I mistook it to be some form of けんじょうご that I am not aware of.
    – IUnknown
    Commented Dec 2, 2014 at 13:20

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