I want to start learning to read Japanese (I already know romaji) and I was wondering which writing system would be better to start with. Or should I start all at the same time?

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Usually start by hiragana, then katakana. With this you can learn kanji (reading on'yomi form 音読み{おんよみ}, kun'yomi form 訓読み{くんよみ}).

When you get a kanji dictionary you can notice different ways to read the same kanji:

  • on'yomi form 音読み{おんよみ} usually with reading in katakana
  • kun'yomi form 訓読み{くんよみ} usually with reading in hiragana

Here have an example of '行' kanji at wiktionary: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E8%A1%8C

Kun'yomi is 'i-ku' (used as verb)

On'yomi (in website is Kan'on) is 'kou' (found in airplane word: 飛行機{ひこうき} hi-kou-ki)


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