Is there any difference between 計画【けいかく】を立てる【たてる】 and 計画をする? In Sou Matome N3, the first one appears as "to make plans", as for the second one (being a suru verb), I assume that it can also be associated with to make plans.


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I think there is almost no difference in their meanings, and the two phrases are almost always interchangeable. I said almost because I can not think of even a single counter example in a few minutes as a native speaker.

By the way, you can also use a verb, '計画する', without 'を' in a similar way. For example,

  • 旅行の計画を立てる。
  • 旅行の計画をする。

are similar to

  • 旅行を計画する。

The first two sentences are not completely the same as the last one. The last sentence sounds to stress more that the decision is made to go to a trip compared to the first two, which sounds to have more stress on deciding on the details during the trip.

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