In the manga Yotsubato, the main character Yotsuba's father says 「ジャンボが二人分働くしな」. I understand the sentence as a whole, I think, but I don't understand the しな at the end.

Here's the full dialogue:


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  • I'm guessing this is the correct answer because yotsuba says something good about janbo, and her father adds something else good about him (doing the work of 2)
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“しな” = 接続助詞 “し” + 終助詞 “な”

“Aするしな。” implies something happens because of A. Your example implies “Because ジャンボ works instead of someone (father?), he doesn’t have to work.”

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    This is actually the correct answer in context, I believe. In a previous panel, they are discussing that somebody else didn't show up to help with the work, so Yotsuba's father is actually saying "Oh well, I guess Jumbo will do two people's work (because of Yanda not showing up)"
    – Foogod
    Commented Nov 23, 2019 at 22:45

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