What's the difference between 打ち合わせ and 会議 and ミーティング?

To me it seems that 会議 may be more formal, but I'm not entirely sure.

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    Though this question has already been answered, if you understand enough Japanese, you can always look up words on Goo's thesaurus to try and get a feel for the differences between synonyms. dictionary.goo.ne.jp/thsrs Jul 14, 2011 at 13:25

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打合せ is more generic. When you go abroad to meet your boss, your colleagues or customers, you'd say 打合せ.

I use ミーティング for when I need to discuss a point with someone. If you're a student and discuss with you advisor once a week, that's it.

会議 is defined as "there's a boring speaker, and everyone around is sleeping" :) That's in fact a conference (even a small one with a handful of people).

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From my experience:

  • We use 打ち合わせ about going to a client's place, when talking internally.

  • 会議 can be internal or external. 会議中 can be used internally or on the phone with clients.

  • We use ミーティング for regular weekly section meetings where everyone tells what s/he is doing and what problems there are.

It might be specific to my company.


For a business meeting: 会議

It basically means: "To meet for deliberations"

It's equivalent to the gairaigo: ミーティング (which I don't like much because there's a widely used Japanese term already)

打ち合わせ is used for meetings of people ”with a common interest". Meeting of a club maybe? As the link explains, it has it origins in Gagaku, where musical instruments need to "hit (taiko) as a unit and fit with the music"

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