What is the meaning of 「JAPAなび」? The term is often used on NHK あさイチ broadcasts. Maybe 「なび」is for "navigation" here?


"なび" is a shortening of "ナビゲーション" (navigation). As u may know, japanese alphabet contains only one character which begins with sound "V" and it is わ. For this reason, all "vi", "vu", "ve", "vo" become び、ぶ、べ、ぼ in japanese. For example, Vietnam - ベトナム. But for some reason violin is バイオリン (not ワイオリン).

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    The /w/ sound in わ isn't the same sound as the /v/ sound in English navigation. Japanese doesn't have a /v/ sound, so /b/ is usually substituted. – snailcar Nov 2 '14 at 15:00

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