In the video game "Tingle's Love Balloon Trip", a person asks the protagonist to catch a certain kind of butterfly. They want the dust from the butterfly's wings to use as a kind of fertilizer. The name of this butterfly is 「ゼッコーチョウ」. Here is the relevant bit of dialogue:

ゼッコーチョウ っていう チョウを つかまえて ほしいの。ハネが もえあがるような はでな ルックス なんだって !

Now I know that ちょう means butterfly, but I can't make head or tail of ゼッコー, so I'm assuming it must be a pun of some sort.

What could be the meaning of this name?

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    Did you find 絶好調 (ぜっこうちょう)? – Earthliŋ Sep 14 '14 at 10:51
  • No I didn't, because I only searched for ぜっこー, not ぜっこう. That must be the answer! – waldrumpus Sep 14 '14 at 10:54

It is a pun.

「[絶好調]{ぜっこうちょう}」 is a word meaning "top form", "best condition", etc.

And as you said, 「[蝶]{ちょう}」 means a "butterfly".

Types of butterflies are named 「~~蝶」, so there you go.

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